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What sizes are your charts?

ADMIRALTY charts vary slightly in size. They range from 100cm by 70cm to 120cm by 81cm depending on the scale and coverage of each chart. But importantly, if you want a chart for display, PLEASE do not buy a frame before you have a chart in your possession!

Are the charts waterproof?

We would say that they are splash resistant. Charts are designed to be used at the chart table rather than in the cockpit or on deck. For this reason, if you were to dip them in the sea, you would certainly shorten their useful life, but they should be able to cope with the odd splash.

What is a nautical chart?

A nautical chart is an essential navigation tool used by sailors. Often used by fishermen, yachtsmen and others who wish to start any marine voyage. They are a type of geographical map that has been specifically designed to navigate the sea. They have many different uses and basically will assist anyone wanting to navigate a waterway. We sell a variety of these online!

Where do your nautical charts, guides and books cover?

We have a huge range of charts, cruising guides and more that cover the whole of UK waters as well as Atlantic Europe and the Mediterranean.

Do you offer cruising guides?

Yes we do. We offer a huge variety of cruising guides including pilots, sailing directions, handbooks and more. All of which cover all of the UK, Atlantic Europe and the Mediterranean. You will be sure to find what you’re after. Find them here.

How do i order online?

Do you offer additional sailing accessories?

Yes we do, we have a whole section on sailing instruments. Here, you can find different accessories for your sailing endeavours like sextants, plotting instruments, navigation kits and more. Take a look here.

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If we haven’t managed to answer your question in our FAQ section above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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