15-Inch Aluminum Arm Parallel Rule

15-Inch Aluminum Arm Parallel Rule



15-Inch Aluminum Arm Parallel Rule

Of all our traditional parallel rulers, the 15 inch Brushed Aluminum Arm Parallel Ruler is the best seller. This sturdy acrylic parallel ruler is easy to use and is a necessary tool for every seagoing navigator.  Used in RYA navigation courses, this rule has made itself the indispensable item that sits in hundreds of thousands of chart tables across the world.  From the moment you first sit down at a chart to learn how to get your vessel across it, to the time you sail your retirement vessel, this bit of kit will be with you every step of the way.  This rule benefits from:

  • Brushed aluminum arms
  • Polished aluminum handles
  • Milled with bevelled edges
  • Includes protractor scale

Chart work is very much still integral to the way we navigate.  It is the one system which isn’t affected by bad weather or electronics failure.  The skills we learn when we navigate on paper cannot be unlearned. This is one of the few skills that can save our lives in the event of a catastrophic failure on the vessel.  This 15-Inch Aluminum Arm Parallel Rule is a lightweight, simple but so very useful part of your navigation kit.

Add to this, a passage chart, a 2B pencil and a pair of dividers and with your speed and heading, you can go wherever you wish.

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