C15 The Solent

C15 The Solent

Covering one of the most popular sailing areas in Britain, The Solent chart provides all the information needed for planning and navigating this stretch of water.



C15 The Solent

This edition includes the latest official UKHO data, combined with additional information sourced from Imray”s network to make it ideal for small craft. The latest racing buoy information is included and the chart has been fully revised throughout.

Plans included:

River Hamble (1:12 500)
River Itchen (1:12 500)
Hythe Marina Village (1:12 500)
Lymington River (1:15 000)
Newtown River (1:20 000)
Bembridge Harbour (1:10 000)
Beaulieu River (1:20 000)
Continuation of Beaulieu River (1:20 000)
Cowes Harbour (1:20 000)
Yarmouth Harbour (1:4500)
Wootton Creek (1:20 000)

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