CCPCN RYA Competent Crew Skills

CCPCN RYA Competent Crew Skills

RYA Competent Crew Skills is the official companion for the RYA’s popular Competent Crew Course. Over 12,000 people, with no sailing experience, successfully complete the course every year.



CCPCN RYA Competent Crew Skills

This book has been written using the experience of hundreds of experienced instructors. The techniques shown are tried and tested and suitable for most types of cruisers. The skills written about in this book give you the syllabus for the RYA Competent Crew certificate. This is the first rung of the ladder which takes you into the world of boating.

It is designed to assist you in understanding new concepts. In particular to help you remember some of the unique terminology that is used in the world of boating.

It is an excellent starting point for those undertaking their first boating experience in order to make sense of the first few days on board.  It is also a handy reference book for those returning to the sport after time away from it.

This new edition of RYA Competent Crew Skills has been updated to include motor vessels in order to appeal to both sail and power readers; the illustrations have been completely modernised and the look and feel of the layout has benefitted from an overall redesign.

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