Reeds Crew Handbook

Indispensable for all Crew



The Reeds Skipper’s Handbook, now in its 6th edition, has been a bestseller since first publication 20 years ago. Now for the first time, here is the Reeds Crew Handbook for skippers to hand to new and aspiring crew. It will give them all the essential knowledge they need to undertake the tasks traditionally handled by crew aboard any size of yacht, including:

  • Steering (both with a tiller and a wheel)
  • Raising, dropping and reefing a sail
  • Boat handling (using tide, wind, etc)
  • Handling lines (throwing, coiling, lassoing, etc)
  • Tying up a boat on a pontoon and against a quay wall
  • Attaching bow and stern lines and springs
  • Handling an anchor
  • Using the radio
  • Basic first aid
  • Essential knots

Presented in bite-sized topics in a very accessible and undaunting fashion, and packed with colour illustrations to guide crew through each task, the Reeds Crew Handbook will prove an invaluable primer for new crew before going to sea, and a handy pocket-sized aide-memoire for experienced crew when under sail.

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