G6 RYA Navigation Handbook

G6 RYA Navigation Handbook

This second edition of the best-selling RYA Navigation Handbook is essential reading for anyone taking to the water and looking for the complete guide to navigation.



G6 RYA Navigation Handbook

Navigation techniques and practices have changed dramatically over the years.  Today, many sailors and motor boaters regard electronic instruments as their principal means of navigation. However, traditional methods still have an important part to play, as does knowledge of aspects such as tides, lights, buoys and beacons.

This new edition has been redesigned with that in mind. It provides the reader with a sound understanding of the principals of navigation. It also provides insight into the ways in which electronic navigation can be used to best effect.

The G6 RYA Navigation Handbook will help to ensure the development of a ‘well rounded’ and competent navigator.  Starting with the basic principles of navigation, this book goes on to explain in a logical and clear way, how position is plotted. It then moves on to how when navigating, the importance of tide, lee way and other factors must be considered to maximize accuracy.

Tim Bartlett is one of the country’s leading experts on navigation. Tim learnt to navigate as part of his professional training at Dartmouth Naval College.  Since leaving the navy, he has become the Technical Editor of Motor Boat and Yachting magazine.

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