Reeds Ocean Handbook

Reeds Ocean Handbook

In the bestselling style of the Reeds Handbook series, Reeds Ocean Handbook follows on from Reeds Skipper’s Handbook for skippers or crew planning to venture further afield. Complimenting the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster course, this handy pocketbook provides an aide-memoire for all the essential navigation, weather and route planning theory as well as practical guidance and advice on long-distance radio communications, ocean passage-making and risk/emergency preparations.



Reeds Ocean Handbook

Colour coded sections, for user-friendly accessibility, cover:
– World climate and route planning (including world wind systems, ocean currents, tropical revolving storms)
– Navigation (charts, great circle vs Mercator routes, time zones, satellite navigation systems, advice on on-passage navigation routines)
– Astro navigation (basic theory refresher, practical astro navigation, unique step-by-step instructions for Astro sight reduction plus using and adjusting the sextant)
– Passage making (route planning, preparing the yacht, power needs, supplies of water, food, gas and diesel, watch-keeping routines, crew care)
– Communications (features and advantages of VHF, MF, SSB and satellite phones, weather fax, email and access to the internet)
– Risks and emergencies (preparing for them, equipment checklist, grab bags, emergency scenario procedures)

Internationally relevant and with colour diagrams throughout, this handy pocket-sized handbook is an ideal revision aid on shore and the perfect quick reference guide on the boat

Table of Contents

1 World Climate
2 Route Planning
3 Ocean Navigation
4 Astro Navigation
5 Yacht Preparation
6 Communication
7 Passage Making
8 Risks and emergencies
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